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Hard to Get

I got to a point where I’m tired of giving challenges to guys.

Being hard to get has the possibility of attracting those who only likes the challenge, who only gets excited to the struggle.

So here I am, now at the stage of not giving any challenges to any man, not being hard to get to any man. I won’t give anyone the pleasure. I don’t care if they call me easy or boring. If they don’t dig me at my friendly stage, they don’t deserve me at my most challenging stage.

But… maybe this is just me, frustrated. Frustrated of not practicing being elegantly mysterious anymore. Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe this is just a phase due to breakup. Or maybe, I’m just not really looking to be in a relationship right now. Or maybe.. no one has yet convinced me to play the game again.

For the right man, I will play that game again.. Maybe there already is, or maybe not.. Time can just tell… Don’t worry :)

- (posted this as a result from me having a debate on this hard-to-get concept thing with a friend)

If they are so shallow that they judge you based on only what they see, they are not worth your trouble. -

Oh boy, we got the same vibes and there ain’t a boring time talking to you… :) -

A person who always see the bad in people is living with little self love.
A person who always see the good in people is living with self love.
A person who sees the goodness in the baddest of people is living with God’s love. -

If you want me, then make me fall in love with you, ‘cause I will do my best to run away, I will do my best not to fall in love. Just promise me one thing, when I trip, catch me when I fall. -

People call weird to things they don’t understand. -

Sometimes my energy is so strong that some people distance away because they can’t handle it… -

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